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Lola Challenge Weekend is an initiative that comes from Run Like a Lola, Inc. 


Incorporated in January 2012, Run Like a Lola Inc. is a non-profit organization whose main purpose is to help Puerto Rican women through sport. They promote and empower running, jogging and /or walking as part of helping women lead a healthier life by improving not only their physical and mental health but also by increasing their self-esteem and incorporating these benefits to their everyday life.


On November 2013, Run Like a Lola Inc. completed the “100 Lola’s a’ Divas” project. This project impacted a total of 189 women throughout the island, who had never trained nor raced before in their lives. This project was a complete success, reaching an above the level expectation, since the participating women involved their families, friends, and co-workers, creating a never-before-seen synergy!


For the tenth consecutive year, Run Like a Lola Inc. is proudly organizing the event “Lola Challenge Weekend” that will be held on August 23 through August 25, 2023, in San Juan, Puerto Rico. An innovative and unique event- not only because of what taking the challenge means- but by the place where it will be held, one of the most beautiful historical treasures of our island: El Morro.


LOLA, Inc.

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